Two to Three Weeks before the Move

Confirm your moving date and the discontinuation of services with your utility and other service providers, as well as your realtor or landlord. Arrange for utility services to be activated at your new home on the day of your expected arrival. Redirect deliveries to your new home.

One Week before the Move

Document all of your moving expenses and keep receipts. Don’t forget to drain fuels and oils from machinery such as lawn mowers, chain saws, etc. Shipping cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles requires that they have only a quarter of a tank of gas. Be prepared by putting together a “safety box” that is to be loaded last and unloaded first. This box should include necessities from your kitchen, bathroom, medicine cabinet, and first-aid kit. Include a practical set of tools for any installations that must be made upon arrival.

Help your children get motivated for the move while preparing them by having them pack a “treasure box” with their favorite toys, games, and snacks to keep nearby during the trip.

Day before the Move

If you’ve opted for packing services, this will typically be done the day before your move. Be present to supervise packing and provide helpful instructions. Pack valuables that you want to transport yourself.

Make sure that fragile items are packed carefully, and label the boxes with “Fragile”. Label all boxes with contents and the room they need to be unloaded to at the final destination.

Gather all copies of your current house keys and arrange to leave them with the new home owners, realtor, or landlord. Tell the police if your home will be unoccupied for an extended period of time.

Let one of your best friend know of your moving day travel plans, new home address, and contact information just in case an emergency occurs.